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CVEM meeting started in 1996 to exchange mutual interests to understand relationships between endocrinology and cardiology.  Not only clinicians but basic researchers get toghether and communicate resent updated research works. 

This year, CVEM2023 is in different style from the classical scientific meeting of most of the societies.  We host monthly online meetings and use sevaral online-tools to enhance discussions.  We make the mtg the most fruitful as ever and open to young participants to join the discussion without hesitations.

It is online meeting and we welcome presentations from all over the world.  We accept English presentation!  Abstract submission is thru the mail and it is opened.

The registration will start soon.

Tatsuo Shimosawa, MD., PhD, FAHA

Chairperson for the Online Scientfic Meeting of CVEM2023

Prof. and Chair, Dept of Clinical Laboratory

International University of Health and Welfare

今回心血管内分泌代謝学会学術集会は27回目となります。今までにない学会開催の形を模索するために今回は毎月1回水曜日にオンラインで講演会を開催してまいります。講演会ではKeyNote Lectureと一般演題を発表していあだきます。よって一般演題抄録は特に締め切りがなく、研究の進行に併せて抄録を作成していただきお送りいただきたく存じます。





​下澤 達雄

Up coming Meeting date 次回開催日程 

9th Meeting Sept 20 17:30JST, 2023

​第九回 2023年9月20日17時30分

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